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Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet has its form in the spiritual dimension. When we awaken their vibration down in our world, their spiritual form is being awakened above which allows a new spiritual capacity to be received and new levels of energy to be awakened within us.

~ Rabbi Ya'akov Abuchetzera, Kabbalah, Meditations.

THE 72 NAMES OF GOD (full chart here) combinations are encoded and concealed technology extracted from the Red Sea story in Exodus. Three sentences with 72 letters each. Assembled in a specific way, each combination reveals a specific energy intelligence we can connect to, to attain control of our physical world. 

WHAT IS KABBALAH? On a literal level, the word Kabbalah means, “receiving.” It is the study of how to receive fulfillment in our lives. Kabbalah is universal wisdom meant for every soul of humanity. Kabbalah transcends all religions and faiths, even going so far as helping unite all known bodies of thought. When a person studies Kabbalah, he learns the blueprint of his soul, why he is here, and what is his purpose in this world. Through the study and application of this wisdom, each individual can achieve what the great Kabbalists say we are meant to achieve, a life of continuous happiness and fulfillment. 

The 72 Names of God; Knowledge of the power of the Hebrew Letters; Kabbalistic Astrology, The Ana B'Koach: All are powerful tools meant to help us shift our frequencies, correct our belief systems, transcendent our limited nature, reach a higher state of consciousness, to ultimately shift our destiny as individuals and on a global level.